For MENS LEAGUE information

please email Dave Pekarcik

or call 508-221-5708





The Miacomets meet on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM

New Players Welcome

Photo by Terry Pommet         


Back row: Tom Mleczko, Meghan Canning, Christi Queenan, Muffin Kurash, Cynthia Bartlett-Bopp, Sara Boyce, Carla Nordby, Andrea Kovak,

Merrill Mason, Bambi Mleczko, Shelley-Jo Rowell, Kate Merlini, Lisa, Jonathan Stone.

Middle row: Joanne Richards, Erica Slavin, Wendy Freshetian, Meg Roberts, Jenn Decker, Brooke Bulmer, Beth Davidson,

Bonnie Brooks, Sara Beth Decker In front: Andy Moyer      

The Miacomets are a women's hockey team, who practice

once a week, with dedicated coaches. 

We have a lot of fun, work hard & get great exercise. 

No experience or prerequisites are required,

you simply need to have a desire to play hockey. 

We will help get you in the gear and on the ice!

The Miacomets meet on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM. 

Fall and Winter

Anyone who is interested in giving women's hockey a try

or who wants to practice with just women, please call!!!

Our team ranges in age from 16 to over 60. (You must be at least

16 years old to participate in Nantucket Women's Hockey.) 

We do have some equipment for first-timers to borrow, but

we are always looking for more equipment.

For information about Nantucket Women's Hockey please contact:

Muffin: 508-221-0137


Bonnie: 508-332-8095



                                        BACK ROW: Kate Merlini, Muffin Kurash, Bambi Mleczko,                            

Carla Nordby, Meghan Canning, Merrill Mason, Wendy Freshetian.

FRONT ROW: Jenn Decker, Bonnie Brooks, Shelley-Jo Rowell,

Brooke Bulmer, Christi Queenan.

FRONT FRONT ROW: Meg Roberts and Beth Davidson


The Miacomets at Tournament in Walpole's Iorio Arena

Front Row:  Ginny Lewis, Beth Davidson, Shelley-Jo Rowell and Brooke Bulmer

Second Row:  Kim Morrow, Kate Merlini, Wendy Fereshitian, Dee Healy, Meg Roberts Muffi